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Steve Streit was recently appointed to the New York Fed Innovation Advisory Council, a group of industry experts that meets with the New York Fed’s president, chief operating officer, and senior leaders to present views and perspectives on the emerging issues, applications, and market impact of financial technologies and digital innovation three times a year. features a detailed profile of Steve Streit, highlighting his roles as a pioneer in the modern financial services industry and as an advocate for underserved communities. The profile also lists Steve’s industry awards, including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, as well as his numerous charitable associations, such as Patti’s Way.


These Los Angeles Police Department media releases showcase recipients of the Hollenbeck Police Activities League Awards and PAL Awards. Steve Streit was awarded the Humanitarian Award for his longtime work mentoring Los Angeles County foster children and for his role as a benefactor to the police department’s Hollenbeck Police Activities League.


Steve Streit, founder of SWS Venture Capital and Patti’s Way, is an honorary board member of the Hollenbeck Police Activities League. The organization’s mission is to unite the Hollenbeck division of the LAPD with its community, fostering meaningful relationships between officers and those they serve.

Hollenbeck PAL seeks to empower youth in the community by offering sports, financial literacy, and character-building programs during non-school hours. Hollenbeck is a predominantly Latino and immigrant community, and Hollenbeck PAL is helping bridge the gap that unfortunately exists between many communities and their police.


This profile shares information about Steve Streit, founder of SWS Venture Capital. Prior to starting SWS, Steve invented the prepaid debit card industry with his first company, Green Dot (NYSE: GDOT). Mr. Streit is recognized as one of the top minds in banking, having led Green Dot into the banking industry in 2011 and serving millions of customers since. Mr. Streit retired from Green Dot at the end of 2019 after serving 20 years as the company’s CEO.  In 2018, Steve founded SWS Venture Capital, a venture capital firm investing in both early and late stage private companies and, in 2010, founded Patti’s Way, a nonprofit charitable foundation that focuses on providing emergency grants to vulnerable families and youth.


Steve Streit, founder of SWS Venture Capital and inventor of the prepaid debit card industry, was a featured speaker at the 2018 American Banker Conference. Mr. Streit is recognized as a pioneer in banking and financial services and has been a sought-after guest and panelist because of his reputation for innovation and leadership. Alongside his business career, Mr. Streit has been awarded several times for his philanthropic and charitable work, most notably through Patti’s Way, the nonprofit he started after being inspired by the lifetime of generosity led by his mother, Patti.


Bloomberg lists the professional activities and associations of Steve Streit, the founder of Green Dot Corporation (NYSE: GDOT) and SWS Venture Capital. He previously served as a board member of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s Los Angeles Branch. He was the CEO of Green Dot from its creation in 1999 until his retirement in December 2019. Mr. Streit is also the founder of Patti’s Way, a 501(c)(3) Charitable Foundation and is both a regional and national winner of Ernst & Young’s prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year award.


This article details a successful round of fundraising for Gatsby, a commission-free online trading platform, led by SWS Venture Capital. Gatsby’s mission is to serve young investors who are digital natives, giving them the access and tools needed to make public equity investments in a simplified and modern way.


SWS Venture Capital was founded and is led by Steve Streit, the inventor of the prepaid debit card industry. SWS engages in both early and late stage fundraising for promising startups in multiple industry segments, providing both capital and support.  


In 2001, Tech Coast Angels (an organization of angel investors and venture capitalists) partnered with the then-fledgling Green Dot Corporation, today a major player in the prepaid debit and banking industries. Green Dot founder, Steve Streit, has since started his own venture capital firm, SWS Venture Capital.


Gatsby, a stock options trading app for retail investors in the digital age, secured a round of funding led by SWS Venture Capital, the venture firm founded by Steve Streit. Other investors include Barclays, Rosecliff Ventures, and Techstars.


Braavo, a fintech startup that helps mobile app developers fund their projects, secured a round of Series A fundraising in August 2018. This round of fundraising, led by venture firm E-Ventures of San Francisco, included participation by SWS Venture Capital, a firm founded by American Entrepreneur Steve Streit.

Braavo uses data-driven analysis to safely accelerate cash flow to app developers through the financing of their receivables.


Steve Streit, founder of Green Dot Corporation and SWS Venture Capital, was a featured speaker at the 2018 Money 2020 Conference. Mr. Streit is known for inventing the prepaid debit card industry and was the CEO of Green Dot Corporation. He has long been a guest and panelist at conferences because of his reputation and deep industry expertise. Mr. Streit is also a venture capitalist and philanthropist, receiving many awards and accolades over the years.


In 2010, Steve Streit and Mike Moritz of Sequoia, took the stage at Techcrunch Disrupt to discuss Green Dot, entrepreneurship, and investing. Steve is recognized as an award-winning entrepreneur, having won both the regional and national Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, and is often asked to speak at industry conferences. He is also the founder of SWS Venture Capital and Patti’s Way, a 501(c)3 charitable organization.